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It's Not Just In Your Food

Gluten and Animal Products can show up in everything from your Supplements and Protein Powders to your Bath and Beauty Products, as well as your Clothing.

They can both go by other names than you're used to seeing as well, that's why it can be so difficult and so frustrating trying to be a true Gluten Free Vegan...especially at the beginning of your journey.

Where can you shop and what can you buy?

Below you will find useful information on what to look for and where to purchase Gluten Free Vegan items.


Vitamins & Protein Powders

Yep, Gluten and Animal Products are even hiding in your vitamins and protein powders!

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Bath & Beauty

On Your Body

Your skin absorbs what you put on it, so be sure you're using Gluten Free Vegan Products.

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Vegan Clothing

And Accessories

Clothing, Shoes, Purses,'s where to shop for Vegan style.

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