Hallelujah Diet Products: Review

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The Hallelujah Diet exists to help you live a healthy, vibrant life.

It’s a plant-based, clean food diet based on scientifically proven principles and research.

The company’s story began when Rev. George Malkmus was confronted with serious health problems and was advised to undergo traditional medical treatment.

He instead decided to go a different route and modified his diet to primarily raw natural foods.

Within one year he was fit and healthy again.

The Hallelujah Diet was developed to share the secret to living a healthy, vibrant life.

Over the past 25 years the diet has helped bring thousands of people back to good health.

It is a biblically driven diet plan, which may or may not be your cup of tea, but don’t let that stop you from checking this company out. Their products are developed on solid scientific research and a plant-based driven theme.

Their core values are solid as well, with research, education, solutions, support, and products to help nurture family and community through respect and compassion for others being what they strive for.

The Hallelujah Diet states: “Our supplements will supercharge your body on its way to healing and thriving, not just merely existing.

Living a more vibrant, fulfilling, energy-filled life for everyone is our goal and we want to get you there.

Promote flourishing cell growth and protect your precious body against the damages impure foods, pesticides, prolonged illness, and toxins can cause with the leading selection of raw foods diet supplements on the market today.”

That’s a tall order, but it sure sounds wonderful for a company to care that much doesn’t it?

When we took a look at their supplements we discovered that not all of their products or vegan or gluten free, so be thoughtful and read through their ingredients before any purchases.

They have a barley grass juice powder and a Superfoods blend that have barley and wheatgrass in them so they’re not gluten free; as well as fish oil that of course is not vegan.

However, they have a large line of products that are gluten free and vegan, and those products are really impressive.

They have beet juice powder and carrot powder. They have menopausal products as well as pre and post-menopausal products.

They have high-grade magnesium, iodine, probiotics, and even trace minerals.

They have different flavors of plant-based protein powders, fiber cleanses, and vitamins.

They have resources from books on living healthier to simple meal plans.

They even have recipe books and kitchen gadgets to make your life easier.

They provided us with the Beetmax powder, made with pure organic beet juice as well as the Carrotjuicemax powder, made with pure organic carrot juice, to test out for ourselves.

We tried them in water, which was fine, but we then started adding them to our fresh juices we make every morning and they were amazing in those. 

It even says that we can take it dry, by the spoonful, but no one here in the office was willing to just spoon it in their mouths and let us know what it was like that way. So sorry we can not testify to how pleasant that is or not.

We even blended them together with water on occasion for a blast of nutrients and energy.

If you’ve been looking for a company with compassion and the drive to provide a healthy product you can rely on Hallelujah Diet products might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Just be sure to double-check that you’re only purchasing the products that are indeed gluten free and vegan, so no barley, wheat, rye, or fish oil. 

Cheers to your health.

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