Made Trade: A Company With Some Pretty Incredible Ethical Standards

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When we here at That Gluten Free Vegan Life stumbled upon Made Trade we were all very delighted.

Here we found a company that not only has a large amount of beautiful Vegan items, but after finding out about their mission, their vision, and their ethical stance on selling items we were really impressed with them.

Made Trade is a woman-owned, family-run company based in Portland Oregon.

They state that they exist to ethically elevate the modern wardrobe and home.

Products at Made Trade are intentionally crafted, produced in small batches and sustainable sources with fair labor practices.

They celebrate artisans, independent makers, local businesses and small companies. 

With their passion for quality craftsmanship, supporting artisans and their commitment to ecological sustainability, they are on a mission to make Made Trade the ultimate destination for conscious consumers who love design.

They believe they can make the world a more beautiful place by holding themselves to a higher ethical standard.

They call it “ethically elevated”.

They put artistry above efficiency.

Fair wages above profits.

Transparency above everything else as they painstakingly hand-select only the most beautifully-designed, ethically-made goods that put people and our planet first.

Not all the items are vegan, but when we pulled up their vegan tab on their website we were happy to see that they had over a couple thousand vegan items.

From clothing to shoes, accessories to home items, from furniture to gifts they certainly have you covered. 

We enjoyed going through their vegan inventory and seeing all the amazing items they offer. 

It’s always wonderful to see companies really stepping up and deciding from the get-go to do what’s right for everyone; from the artisans to our planet.

Doing the right thing in business doesn’t always make you the most money, but it’s so very important to take other things into account when you’re trying to run your business.

We think that Made Trade has really got this down well. They’re doing a fantastic job and setting a very high standard for themselves. A standard that they’re crushing by the way.

If you’re all about that vegan life; about making sure you’re not doing any harm to anyone or anything else, then you simply must check Made Trade out for yourselves. Look for their vegan items under their About Tab at the top of the website page.

We really think you’re going to love them as much as we do.

Have you shopped with them before? If so please comment below so we can hear what you have to say about them.

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